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Danny McDougall, PhD

Read my testimony in support of Michigan’s LEAD-K bills: HB 5836 (2020) | HB 5777 (2022)


Interpreting | Consulting | Research

Nationally certified English/ASL interpreter since 1986, specializing in theatre interpreting. Founder of TerpTheatre and author of (founded 1998).
My Interpreting Biography


Teaching and Administration

Instruction and course development in interpretation, sign language, linguistics, and sign language literature. Department administration and program development.


Academic and Community

Scholarly research related to sign language interpreting, human geography, and cognition. Community-oriented research projects centered on human services and Deaf communities.

Program Development

Fundraising & Management

Community and social services program development. Collaboration development and management featuring nonprofit, private, and government entities. More than $60 million fundraising involvement through government and foundation grants.

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